Nathan Lunsford

Nathan Lunsford

[this space unintentionally** left blank]

award winning* creator.
digital illustrator.
graphic designer.
web designer.
sound designer.
video editor.
reluctant marketer.
community builder.

I do a lot of stuff that costs time & money. if you wanna help with the latter, I got a ko-fi.

horror audio drama (or audio fiction podcast if you prefer).

a place to network and help people make audio drama.

48 hours to make an audio drama.

a mastodon-based social network for cool af (audio fiction) creators and fans.

Nathan Lunsford is my name. Pronouns are he/him. I’m a husband & dad. 2 cats & a dog. I should probably stop collecting hobbies. Oh, I also make a lot of horror stuff, but also other things.

*I once won a game of chubby bunny. I was awarded bragging rights.
**I lied. That was totally intentional.